Thursday, March 20, 2014

Team Day Two


 Its another beautiful day in Haiti!

 Its only 88 degrees and sunny!

We got our laundry done and hung it on the line to dry!

Today we started Bible school, it was the blast the children loved it!

Kristi and Pastor J. did day 1 while Don and Peggy talked about day 2.

There was a lot of singing and energy!

The kids really enjoyed the stickers!

Around 80 kids came to join us!

Herold, the souvenir guy, came today and we all got to pick out souvenirs!

[Addition by Kris: lunch consisted of a traditional Haitian Independence day meal generally served on January 1st: pumpkin soup, along with fried sweet potatoes.

Tonight we will enjoy fried chicken, fresh tomatoes, fresh bread, left overs and cookies.]

They had a ton of beautiful items like painted metal lizards, wooden bowls and boxes, bracelets, vases, globes and paintings.

Some of us spent quite a bit of money (cough cough Britney and Kris :) )

Scot worked on the ambulance and got it running!

More work needs to be done and he is very excited about the rest of his day working on cars!

The campus is beautiful and the children are adorable!

They love having their pictures taken and drawing on the chalkboard!

We toured the school campus and saw some classrooms.

The kids are taking exams so we didn't want to stay very long.

The kids learn with so little it amazes all of us! Imagine no computers!!!

P.S. all of us are ready to kill the rooster! 

Thank you for praying for the team.

One minor soccer injury so far so keep praying.

The team met with Pastor Rigo before supper to let him explain about the medical ministry and ministry with the young people, as well as answer any questions.

Tomorrow's plans include a second meeting with the children here on campus in the morning and then traveling to the other side of Port Margot for an afternoon club.  Dr. Kris


Roberta Williams said...

We are praying and love the pictures. Hope the soccer injury was not a bad one. Tell Lindsay she looks real nice in a skirt 😇

Kathy Goble said...

Praying for you all daily! Love reading the updates. Someone please get a good picture of Kristine for me please! Blessings!

lhbentley said...

Glad to hear things are going well! We are praying for you all! Could someone pass along to Cathy some news? If so, please tell her I passed the last of my licensing exams for teaching on Tuesday!

Roberta Williams said...

Need a good picture of Lindsay, have been saving the ones posted and love to hear how the work is doing. Love to all - especially Lindsay.