Monday, March 3, 2014

Post team Monday.

Enjoyed a nice 3.5 inches of on/off rain from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning and a half inch last night.

Since the rain softened the ground, after finishing up his office work today, Cory worked on smoothing out a new location for his rooting house as the old one is under a tall 'Fransis' mango tree whose crop now threatens the cuttings. The tree hasn't had more than a few fruits per year until now. The drought did help the mangos set a heavy crop.

Thank you notes printed and ready to be put in the mail on Wednesday as the plane comes in a day late this week so folks can avoid carnival activities by staying at home.

Learned today that the new Creole health books should be ready to pick up in Cap Haitian later in the week.

Then Cory will need to try to get some of the 7,500 books to the National Conference later this month.

Eli, Anna and I continue to spend hours in our studies. I will need to grade a report on how a diamond anvil cell works and a compare/contrast paper horses vs. oxen.

Cory helped today and tomorrow make sure that the Compassion children's activities on campus had water, electric and video equipment.

Team clothing donations boxed up and ready to pass along to the pastors. These are clothes that they wore, not ones brought down to Haiti to give away.

As one can buy clothes here we try to encourage local businesses as much as we can.  However even painting clothes and old clothes can be used as rags.

The picture is the view from my study spot in the plant nursery. Countdown to recertification exam stands at 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days.

Hard to know what to study with any age patient, any organ area, and any disease being possible on the test.  Not to mention all the medications and testing that I've never used or seen for over 15 years or never!

Most of my medical 'practice' at this point is e-mail or phone consults and I think that is ONE area that will not be on the test-at least not tropical/developing world international consults.

My 'wrong' answers often reflect how my technique has modified after 15 years of very limited resources and testing.

Know it will be the Lord who will allow me to pass this test and my great prayer team. Some days I feel like I'm making progress with my review but then I hit a bunch of new information and feel that it would take another residency to prepare me.

Either way I will praise Him. He's in control.

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Wendrie Heywood said...

As I work through my studies and prepare for my exam I've been thinking of you.