Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eventful day.

School on campus remains closed due to Carnival week but at our house we continue to learn.

Started to watch a history channel movie on the Inquisition.

Sad what men do to other men.

Worked on a letter of referral for a hopeful medical student from the USA. As overwhelming as it may feel to review a vast amount of medical knowledge I'm very grateful to be on this end and not just starting.

Praying for IBESR as next week will make 2 months waiting for a referral.

Hear that they will call a big 3 day meeting this month with the crèche directors and then start parent interviews.

Remember to check our second blog for updates, at the top of this page just click on Grafting Treasures.

Cory's new, enlarged, improved rooting shed continues to take shape in it's new location.

The folks who bent the guardrails near Limbèe and welded them together to block the road and protest the lack of electricity and the road conditions could not keep the road shut today.

The new improved Creole health books made it to campus! Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this project. Now need to try to get some of the boxes of 7,500 books down to Port-au-Prince, LaGonave and to National conference the end of this month in Bainet.

My dear husband also did office work this week including the bookkeeping and found time today to put varnish on the kitchen counter. Thank you.

Yesterday he blessed me with 'S' hooks so I can now swing gently in my hammock in our bedroom while studying in front of the fan.

The downer and stressful parts of the day started this morning with Gener letting us know that the brother to Anna's dog Hershey returned to campus with a serious injury to his spine.

We discussed the situation and decided that as he settled in a remote, secluded part of the yard to let him be as he did not take kindly to anyone coming near.

This afternoon, after Red passed away, we told the kids. Hershey, who often takes several-day trips, remains away since Tuesday.
New spine color, art and some new content.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

We'll be praying for you as you study. And praying for Hershey's safe return and Anna who I'm sure is especially sad about Red :( Thinking of you guys and praying.