Friday, December 13, 2013

Home in Fauche

Very thankful to be sitting on my own bed, in our home, with the day ahead of me to get back into school, study and working on the second book!

 I'll share more about our week on LaGonave next week but wanted to touch base today as I know a few of you like to follow faithfully and appreciate regular blogs.

Sorry about neglecting to post right before we left last Friday morning for the trip but we pushed until late Thursday night to complete the editing of the Creole health book and managed [by staying up late] to finish it before the trip. Hurray!

Waiting to hear back from Wesleyan Publishing when we can sent in the book.

The trip to Irvine's to catch the boat did find us sitting at the side of the road because of a tracker trailer across the road at a mountain switchback. Thankfully the truck managed to get straightened out in less than an hour.

Going to LaGonave is always a time of mixed emotions. Good to see friends and connect with the rest of the Global Partners team [we managed to see every missionary family currently in-country on this trip] but at the same time one misses folks who moved on or were not there.

Also mixed emotions when the someone almost daily asks when we will be moving back or tells us we need to move back. While thankful that we worked together well enough that they would want us back we know that we need to be where God wants us.

A couple late nights and long days scrubbing in on 4 major surgical cases in addition to the home visits up the mountain quickly remind me of the price my family paid when we lived next door to the hospital and the struggle to balance work and family life.

Thankfully when we prepared to move north the Lord provided a great Biblical example that allows me to respond to the questions in a light hearted manner diffusing the situation. I look at the person and explain that as I really don't like the idea of being swallowed by a giant fish we need to live where God tells us. And sometimes I add that they can pray for our family, that we hear clearly the voice of the Lord and follow His direction.

After our tasks, jobs and school today we plan to spend our family night finally decorating for Christmas. Cory and Anna's legs healed nicely. Eli picked up a slight head cold during the trip but we'll decorate and enjoy some family time tonight. Thank you for the prayers.

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