Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hi from LaGonave

Hi from LaGonave. We traveled to LaGonave early on Friday. A bit of a panic moment on a mountain switchback when we reacted a line of vehicles standing still that caused each of us to think back to September when we took the 7 hour detour due to a truck blocking the road.

Thankfully the road opened up again in 35 minutes when the semi-truck got back on the road and we continued on our way.

One other stop to share a few trees with another organization.

Once we arrived at the Ortlip center we loaded onto the boat and headed over to LaGonave.

Friday after lunch the summit started and continued with a full day of meetings today with different organizations working on LaGonave: medical, water, agricultural, education, and more.

Will try to post some pictures but if the internet will not let me I will put them on next week.

We plan to work with a medical team for three days next week on LaGonave and then head back home on Thursday. Thanks for praying. 

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