Thursday, October 3, 2013

LaGonave Trip Day 1.

Three weeks ago we unpacked bags from the USA and today we unpacked donated medical and dental supplies from LaGonave after enjoying a great time celebrating the new hospital dedication on LaGonave.

To cover the week adequately will take several blog posts. One important family goal we remind each other of often is to 'be a blessing' and I think we accomplished this in many different ways during the last week as well as being blessed ourselves.

I'll ask forgiveness up front as I did not take many pictures on this trip. Even being on LaGonave for 5 nights I still did not find enough time to get to talk and hear people's stories with many friends from the past to catch up on as well as new people to get to know.

We decided to put off starting up full school days until next week to give each of us a chance to put stuff away, get a few things off the to-do list [I need an office day to work on correspondence, cleaning out my in-box, blogging and grading some school work] along with resting up.

Thank you to those who prayed for the celebration. As Pastor Dan noted in a talk to the group many arrows of the enemy were deflected and we give the Lord all the praise and honor. Taxis can early, the sea remained passible and mostly calm, planes came on time, trucks ran well, the sound system did not squeak once, everyone found a place to sleep and were fed!

Wednesday September 25th. Day One. Early morning as we finished up the last minute packing, grabbed a quick breakfast and washed dishes to be on our way about 6 a.m. Andy a local college student joined us to travel to a wedding in Port-au-Prince. Once all the bags and plants were tied securely in the back of the truck we headed off campus.

Because we were to catch a ride across to LaGonave on a boat already scheduled by an other missionary family we wanted to be sure we did not delay the boat by arriving late. While we knew the chances were slim that they would arrive before we did one never knows if you will come across an accident, traffic jam or have a flat tire so we rapidly headed South, making no stops on the way.

Shortly before 11 a.m. we arrived at the Ortilip Center having just missed the first Wesleyan boat of the day to LaGonave but being early for the second. After a while the second family and 2 visitors from Scotland joined us to wait for the boat.

When the Breezy Sea arrived the bar rings needed some work so we continued to wait while the guys went out for parts and worked on the boat. Joy shared some cookies and peanut butter and jelly with us while we waited.

After loading about 20 bed mattresses on the boat we loaded up our things and started across the sea. A very calm sea with just enough swells for the flying fish to be playing. With a very late start following the boat repair we thankfully docked on LaGonave at 5:30 p.m. more than ready for supper.

Our family stayed the night in the old guest house, thankful for pizza and noodle sailed for supper. While Cory and I knew our job title consisted of directing visitor transportation no one arrived on Thursday so we would help where we could.

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