Monday, October 7, 2013

Hospital Dedication Day

Saturday we rose quietly, dressed in our best and headed out the door.

After breakfast [two shifts to accommodate all the visitors] and visiting, people started to head over to the new hospital for the dedication around 9 a.m.

 [Serve. Care. Heal. Since 1958]

One boat crossed in the early morning praising the Lord for a good sea.

After arriving we showed them their rooms so that they could change clothes and all headed over for the celebration.

Assigned seating found us close to the front under a tarp stretched between the two hospital wings.

The ceremony started close to 10 and although many speakers did not stay within their allotted time limits the program moved right along.

We enjoyed musical songs by choirs and Shirley Close sang Amazing Grace.

The final musical piece consisted of a choir of children which included our dear friend Mme. Felician's youngest daughter.

Her drama and expressiveness delighted and surprised us.

Various people spoke: Compassion, the builder, medical, Wesleyan Headquarters, Global Partners and Haitian politicians. 

I'd try to list them if I had a program but we did not receive one and I do not want to leave anyone out.

I especially appreciated being present for the recognition of Dr. Eric Ferdinand's 30 years of medical service to the people of LaGonave.

 I personally benefited from working with him and his teaching during our nine years on LaGonave.

Following the ceremony we headed to the front of the hospital for the ribbon cutting.

 Then staff handed out prepared lunch containers and cold drinks.

Eli and Anna brought our lunches to the guest house as Cory and I worked to get those leaving by boat to the dock as soon as we could and said our good-byes to those leaving by plane.

The rest of the day we reviewed and organized the departure list, visited with guests, moved into new rooms and helped where we could.

 I did manage to squeeze into a truck taking people to visit Okipe, children's village.

 I happily reported to Cory that following his visit this summer they've planted chaya and some other nutritious plants/trees.

This was a day and ceremony that we know many people prayed for around the world.

With many international brothers and sisters joining together to recognize and praise the Lord for the great work He accomplished through many hands and lives I could not help but think of heaven.

We will not need translators or fans for the heat.

We will sing together.

Worship together.

Be united together in His presence and love.

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So glad it went well!