Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday on LaGonave: Day before the Dedication.

The arrival list noted days, times and mode of arrival for many guests but not all. One learns rapidly in Haiti that flexibility must remain at the top of one's skill's list or tool box.

Thankfully the cell phones worked well, keeping us up to date on who made what boat and who would be delayed. Compassion chartered 6 planes to LaGonave early on Friday which added to the energy of the day when flying over the compound.

A couple ladies who crossed the sea with us and a couple engineers needed to join the Compassion team heading from the airstrip directly to the village of Fontina to dedicate a new school building. Pastor Dan arrived by boat, quickly changed clothes while we scrambled to find a vehicle that could make the trip. Soon they left.

I listened to Julian's speech in Creole for him. Cory made a trip to the bank. Eli helped move numerous church benches for the dedication. Anna watched children. We also squeezed in time to visit.

Before breakfast we sorted and packed our bags as we would be spending the night across town at the Starfysh guesthouse before returning to the new Wesleyan guest house.

Trucks transported people from the boat to the compound and other hotels in town. Cory picked up folks from the hotels to bring them for meals.

In the afternoon I translated for a medical consultation for a nurse by Dr. Shawn. Then Miss Vero, head of nursing and a dear friend took Dr. Shawn and I on a tour of the new hospital.

With no equipment or furniture in the hospital the rooms echoed while the white walls and floors reflected the light. While it gives one an idea how the hospital will function I know it will look much different when they finally move in and start work there.

Friday night following supper Pastor Dan spoke to those present talking about the dreams that were joined together to celebrate becoming reality. He also gave us an glimpse of the dedication plans.

Near 9 p.m. Cory drove one of the Wesleyan trucks to the guesthouse following those on four-wheelers. Showers, a bit of chatting and bed. Tomorrow would be a big day.

One more boat of important people to arrive and following the ceremony many people planned to depart.

[I took the last picture while stating I'd love to know how the Lord plans to use each of these special young people. It will be interesting to see them as adults and their impact on the world.]

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