Saturday, July 13, 2013

District Conference, speeches and the first cement post

Tropical Storm Chantal went by with a small amount of light wind, a little rain and a very nice sunset.

The district conference appears to be going well.

On Thursday I shared for a bit about the first aid topics as before: splinting, holding pressure on bleeding, transporting people and in the afternoon we checked a few blood pressures.

That same night I ended up being asked to interpret the evenings sermon for the visiting American speaker, Robert.

With only 10 minutes warning I did not have much time to think about it. Pastor Denord stayed close by so I could hand over the microphone when I didn't know what to say.

Some of the words that tripped me up included: sanctification, commitment, anointment and ink.
Adult LiteracyClass

We attended last night's service as well and I'm very thankful that I only needed to help with the first night as last night's would of been much harder.

School went well this week with both Eli and Anna doing some extra lessons as we push to the end.

Anna's practicing more with the volleyball team [6 hours yesterday total from morning and afternoon practices] as they will play in Port Margot's town square on Friday.

Cory spoke to the district leaders this morning about agriculture and will hand out some artemisia plants and star fruit [to eat and then plant the seeds if they wish] and chaya starts.

Cory's big frustration, project this week consisted of pouring the first pillar for the dragon fruit arbor.

The main issues turned out to be the consistency of the cement/gravel/sand/water mixture and tying/taping enough to provide support so that the split PVC stayed together enough to hold the mixture in place.

Will see how it turns out on Monday when they plan to remove the PVC and pour the second pillar.

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