Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Conference, Chantal and Coconut

Sunny with no wind at the moment but that could change later with tropical storm Chantal in the area.

[Chatted with my parents for a while as the sun alternated with cloudy outer storm bands and now complete cloud cover but no wind or rain.]

District pastors arrived yesterday for the start of the district's summer conference.

 Thankful for every minute of sun we get today as conferences on campus tend to run our battery system down at night with the extra usage.

A month from now we should be in Florida preparing to fly to Michigan.

Still working on the health book and plant book.

Need to redo all the illustrations in the health book so looking for some Haitian artists to help.

Praying to get this done before we leave.

Long time blog readers may remember a few years ago when Cory moved this coconut tree from inside the new church foundations to our front yard.

Now he's looking forward to the first coconut and if you look closely there is a new bloom on the tree. [Above the coconut a couple feet and to the right a bit.]

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OliveTree said...

You sound like you're staying busy this summer!