Monday, June 24, 2013

Mango Tree Trimming

Cory, Genner and Andy headed out early this morning to go to LaGonave.

They plan to spend 2 nights there discussing with college students from Canada, Haitian agriculture and giving some advice about the gardens at the new children's home, Okipe.

The campus looks a lot different now than 6 years ago before we moved and basically no space remains for fruit trees.

So Cory's starting to look at non-fruit trees, non-productive fruit trees or bad fruit producing trees with a gleam in his eye.

Friday some of the mango trees that rarely fruit received a pruning job to prepare them for grafting new varieties. No chainsaws so Genner used a machete very effectively.

Clean up will take a while as will the recovery of my flowers!

But I'm told they will look even better as they will now receive more sun.

Eli, Anna and I will work at school, the next family news letter and the Konsey books.

Pastor Carl arrives today for two days of pastor training.

Thankfully Eli and Anna did most of the guest house cleaning on Friday as Eli slept on his neck wrong Saturday night and it's now stiff.

 Anna lost some skin on the back of her heel when she hit it with the back of a door on Friday and it's now infected.

Looks cloudy out so maybe we will not need to water plants much while Cory's gone.

Rat dropped out of here surprising the guys.
Thanks for the prayers.


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