Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cory's LaGonave Visit

Now that our adoption paperwork and homework is behind us we are trying to keep the 'office, paperwork' habit going only changing the focus to the Creole books and our next newsletter.

The newsletter came together while Cory visited LaGonave so now he just needs to edit and print.

The trip went well as Cory connected with two college students working with Okipie.

 He shared his opinions and showed them some of the trees as they talked. 

One of the first decisions one needs to make is what crops to focus on and do your research.

A few of the items on their list to try, Cory already tried and by sharing his experiences and recommendations we hope to have saved them some time, money and frustrations. The photos are of the current vegetable plots, some are doing better than others.

Summer weather continues to warm up but Cory reports that on his drive everywhere looked green.

We shared bananas and mangos with the pastors training seminar and still enjoyed fruit salad at home.

Next week the summer conferences will start on Campus. June flew by but feels like we accomplished a lot.

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