Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Very Good Town Day

After my restless night on Monday Cory, John Pierre and I headed out for Cap Haitian shortly after 7 a.m.
Over 2.3 inches of rain filled the road's potholes with water and surrounded the road rocks with mud. Thankfully once we reached Limbèe the roads improved. 

Stop 1 consisted of Cory changing money. John Pierre would exchange money twice more during the day for safety reasons-not to carry around as much and not to exchange a big amount at one time.

Stop 2 a medical lab we heard could help us but the man informed us they would not be open and then nicely walked us less than a block to a lab that could.

Stop 3 a pharmacy on the ground floor we followed a narrow stairway up a twisty path to a small room, cooled by a window fan. After a few minute wait we presented our list to the nurse. In less than 45 minutes our labs were paid for, drawn, recorded and we moved on.

Stop 4 consisted of the notary's office. We enjoyed watching a few minutes of Fre. Joel's 'Good News' T.V. show. We met Fre. Joel  years ago and he even taped part of a show on LaGonave featuring our work and that of WISH. We signed 5 papers in front of the notary and learned that his commission is for life. Also interested to note his desk held a wooden plaque he received from his church for his service to the Lord.

At Stop 5 we enjoyed an early lunch of chicken sandwiches and something to drink. Although the lab lady did not ask us we had fasted for the testing. Finished up in time to head to the airport.

Arrived at Stop 6 just in time for Cory to hear the mail call and pick up our mail. He also received cargo for the first time this year. So Anna received her Feb. birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa Thede!  We waited at the airport for about 20 minutes for the next event on the to-do list which was to connect with someone from COTP to pick up a couple of spare modems they no longer use. We hope that we can use them for backup as our's is ailing.

Stop 7 really wasn't a stop or rather consisted of several stops as we had two hours before my doctor's appointment. So we drove around town looking for a few needed items. By the end of the time Cory found and purchased a good shovel and tarp. Later we returned for a non-twistable hose. Oh, we bought eggs too.

Arrived at Stop 8 about 30 minutes early for my appointment to find a locked door and line. No problem I bought 2 books so lent Cory one. Throughout the day I also completed two Family Practice journals and eared 7.5 hours of medical continuing education credit.   Shortly after 3 p.m. the office helper came and took some names. The doctor arrived maybe 10 minutes later and while they helped the moaning, very pregnant lady into the exam room he wrote us out a prescription for the testing materials he needed for my test.

Off Cory and John Pierre headed to get the supplies. My heart sank a bit later when they returned empty handed. But they soon headed out again after talking to the helper and I started to pray. Soon they returned with the needed supplies and Cory and I advanced to the head of the line.

Not sure if this was due to our white, foreigner status or the fact we had an 3 o'clock appointment and many of the others were walk ins?? He thanked us and told us the results should be back in 15-21 days.

Stop 9 ended up being the same location as stop 2 and where the guys bought the test. Other than the lab person telling them that the results would take 2-3 MONTHS, everything went smooth. Praying for the 2-3 week results vs. months!

Stop 10, the return trip to buy the hose that Cory saw earlier in the day.

Stop 11 a short delay on the road at a police check point where we received a friendly wave from a police man who we know from Port Margot. We did not need to show paperwork and moved on.

Stop 12 HOME! Very close to the 11 hour mark. YEAH. Eli and Anna worked on school work during the day and when Eli held library hours Anna made us macaroni and cheese for supper. 

Thank you Lord for a very productive, safe day!

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