Saturday, May 4, 2013

A slow, rainy day.

One of those days that just begs to be spent curled up with a good book!

While we enjoy sharing our lives with visitors [like the previous 4 Saturdays] we can also enjoy a family day with few responsibilities.

After a dry and busy week today dawned cloudy with occasional sprinkles. House cleaned, school work done, correspondence mostly caught up equals a day to read, enjoy family down time and fun.

Fun for Cory does include a trip up the mountain to deliver a truckload of plants. Tomorrow's sermon at a mountain church will be about trees but due to our church's harvest feasible we felt we needed to attend here.

So yesterday Cory and Gener loaded up 60 banana plants, about as many breadfruits and artemisia, a few bamboo, mulberry, chaya and other assorted plants for this morning'
s delivery.

While Cory does not often multitask he plans to listen to a book on adoption on the way via our Kindle.

Our modem obviously works this morning but did not most of yesterday. This week we focused on adoption research/paperwork/homework, school and normal life.

The Fauche volleyball teams play today near the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Nightly this week evangelic meetings occurred at the church. We attended one night especially enjoying the singing but found the speaker a bit hard to follow. Interesting after all these years how one person's way of speaking can still make it very difficult to interpret.

Tomorrow we will join the church and many visitors for the special service and offering, which will go toward the church rebuilding.


OliveTree said...

Glad you're having a Saturday at home. I love Saturdays too, especially with no guests and housework done!

The Bronkema Family... said...

Sounds like a perfectly good Saturday!