Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last weekend in April.

Yesterday morning while working on-line the power went out.

Sadly what ever happened appears to have damaged our internet modem.

Thankfully we can borrow from folks on campus a second system that provides limited access, so we can check E-mails and do some on-line things.

Will be working next week to get the modem replaced as we need the high-speed for school, sending pictures and such.

Cory's talk to some of the local gardeners late Thursday afternoon went well. He shared fresh mulberries and cuttings.

They sold almost a couple dozen baby banana plants [couple types, disease resistant] then gave away a few small ones. The pastor placed an order as well.

Scott made it to the USA without problems.

The KCC team will be sharing their experiences tomorrow at 12:30 at a mission's meeting.

School continues to go well for Eli and Anna.

Prayer Requests: Getting the modem replaced or fixed. Book translation. Adoption paperwork [Some ideas how to get the home study done here-just need agency approval. Checking about medical testing in Cap Haitian.]


Missus Wookie said...

Mulberries are delicious, I used to make jam with them every year at the old house. Hope the modem can be replaced easily.

Edd Russell said...

We've started drinking mulberry leaf tea. Supposed to have beneficial effects on blood sugar. Ingrid seems to think it has helped keep her blood pressure lower as well. First discovered it by a missionary from Lao selling it in two versions: dried leaves blended with lemongrass; and what I told him to rename "mulberry leaf tea concentrate, naturally processed"--actually silkworm poop sweetened with stevia. Quite good, actually.