Wednesday, March 6, 2013

High Energy Bible School!

WHEW!!! Day one of Bible school completed. But let me first welcome the folks following the blog to support and check up on the team members. WELCOME and thank you to those praying for the team.

This morning sunshine greeted the team and the birds sang them up the hill to breakfast. Cory grated some Haitian chocolate for hot chocolate and showed the team the fresh coco beans in a pod.

Most of the team accompanied Cory this morning to Port Margot where they visited the market much to the delight of the merchant who makes small tin kerosine lamps out of tin cans.

They shopped and toured the bakery bringing back a couple different types of bread for our enjoyment. And they stopped in at the Port Margot Wesleyan church as well.

The road to Port Margot was open but they saw 4 locations on the way where the road could be blocked as the protests about the road conditions heat up again.

Two locations had rocks across blocking the bigger trucks and two locations still contained smoldering tires.

The sun not only charged up the batteries but dried two loads of laundry.

This afternoon's activities started slowly. The few children who arrived on time at three took turns leading some songs and explained that because of the big market day the other children would be late.

A small electrical issue also caused a delay as extension cords needed to be located but we enjoyed the singing while we waited.

The puppet team preformed while an English and Creole speaker narrated the story of Noah and the ark.

They did this twice as the first time only about 1/3 of the children were present and by the end over 140 children arrived. In between the stories we sang, did some questions and answers, prayed, explained the story again, and took some pictures.

 A bit of exercise occurred with the songs Deep and Wide and verses of Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes. 

We learned the the Creole version ends with "eyes, nose, mouth and ears' but the English one on a CD said 'clap your hands and praise the Lord.'

So after a few false starts we were able to combine the two last lines into one verse.  After the second story time we reviewed a verse.

Following prayer and announcements about tomorrow's class and a reminder to bring their friends we distributed rainbow representing yarn [that could be braided into bracelets] and some stickers. At this point the crowd control got a little weak!

Some of the children went down to the football field for some races: after twirling one's forehead on a length of bamboo in a circle 10 times, which of the three folks can reach the tree first. One little guy made it about 2 steps and just decided that stretching out on the lawn was a better idea that running.

Library cards printed today and stamped on the backside. Once the family information is added we will number the cards and laminate them. 

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Great pics too. I bet the kids were loving all the activity. Enjoy your time and we'll be praying.