Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter.

Not sure what time the guest house crew made it to bed last night but our house the lights turned off about 8:30 p.m.

Our family of four plus Lyric our niece headed up the mountain to hold our own small sunrise service shortly after 7 a.m.

 Thanks to a small low cloud we did make it in time to see the sunrise.

Anna led the songs, Eli and Lyric prayed, Cory read the scriptures and I a short devotional. 

We enjoyed the bird singing and beautiful view.
Breakfast of oatmeal muffins, sweet rolls, bananas and hard boiled eggs.

We walked down to church shortly after 9. 

The team enjoyed the singing and Pastor Jonas shared about how we need to have Christ in our lives as He is life! 

And He provides us the victory over death and the gift of Eternal Life when we ask Him into our lives and give Him our hearts.

For a special lunch we tried a meal that the missionaries used to share on LaGonave years ago...commonly known as 'snow on the mountain'. 

And we finished up with coconut cream or banana cream pie.

We visited a combine group of two Port Margot Kid's Clubs. 

On the way we passed through a rara group of the local Voodoo followers. 

After a few minutes they let us pass without any problems.

The children sang with lots of energy. The team shared a skit of the Resurrection. We sang together. 
Lyric talked about how sins [like lies, stealing, disrespecting people or making enemies] can prevent us from receiving the Lord's blessings.

They also shared the Easter story using plastic eggs with symbols of the season.

Prayers, thank yous and then passing out stickers ended our visit.
Supper of beef pot pie and left over pizza. 

We're looking forward to an evening of hearing people's thoughts and team devotions.

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