Monday, February 18, 2013

Rain Delay

The rain moved on mid-morning allowing our solar panels to start producing some electricity at this time and letting the internet signal strengthen.

We worshiped in a close to full church yesterday morning.

Part way through the song service over 100 children from Children's Church joined us for the praise part of the service and some prayer.

As we sat in the back and the children came in the back door the pews reached maximum capacity with some of the smaller ones sitting on laps.

They left before the sermon. Our local dentist preached on how we each need to be using the gifts/talents that God gave us for His kingdom.

The rain started mid-afternoon and continued throughout last night watering Cory's trees and plants with 2.5 inches.

Additional rains this morning added one more inch to the total rainfall.

Dad's working on organizing the tool sheds as well as packing.

Mom's doing school, helped Anna organize her clothes as well as helping Dad pack.

Tomorrow the hard good-byes and adjusting back to 'normal' starts.

Before we will really find our stride post visitors the Warsaw team will be here [2 weeks from today], the week after they leave Pastor Carl will be on campus for a few days of pastoral training and then one week before Cory's family/KCC team comes!

Enjoyed my folks visit as always. So very thankful for their support and the support of our other family members!

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