Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Bye February.

Spring continues to creep into our lives with the hours of the day I spend in short sleeves with my hoodie off increasing. 
While I miss the spring flowers of my northern youth like daffodils and tulips I can enjoy tropical blossoms every month of the year. 

Cory showed me today our Malay apple tree blossoms which hid under the leaves but are worth stopping to take a look.
For this morning's school break Eli and Anna started cleaning the House of Hope in preparation for the Warsaw team visit while I read to them one of Anna's school books.

Last night we sat with John Pierre [Kid's club leader], Fre. Dieucel [director of the school] and Fre. Theodor who will be Eli's assistant with the Book Herder project.

Announcements will be made this weekend and next week families will start signing up for their family library card.

Once we see how many want cards we may need to divide into groups when they can borrow books because of the limited supply.

Eli and Theodor will loan out the books on Mondays. Theodor will receive the books back on Fridays and Eli will inspect them and arrange them on Saturdays for the following Monday.

This experiment's outcome remains unknown at this time but I'm sure we will all learn from it.

How to care for books will be written on bookmarks to be given to the families at the opening and will serve as reminders.

Folks who mistreat books will have their cards confiscated for a time.

Cory also picked grapefruit in preparation for the team. We try to vary the diet and allow the visitors to experience many different types of local fruits and foods.

Editing of the Konsey book continues well but will be interrupted by the team. But by not having 3 French classes maybe our teacher will have time to finish with his editing. 

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