Tuesday, February 26, 2013

6 Days Pre-Warsaw Team

Looks like today will be a sunny day. Heard that a small earthquake frightened the people who felt it last night in Port-au-Prince but thankfully no damage. 
Last weekend we enjoyed family time while thinking ahead to this week in which the big goal consists of preparing for the Warsaw/ Michigan team who plan to arrive next Monday. 

Cory found some good paint in Cap Haitian so one of their projects will be painting school rooms.

By request they will also be holding some fun Bible classes with the children. 

This will be a new project never before attempted by any of our teams and we look forward to seeing how it all works. 

I also hope we can make some return home visits for updates on the families that Warsaw church partners in prayer. 

We started week 12 of our school year yesterday, which continues to go well. 

Our French teacher stayed after class for 40 minutes to go over more than 30 pages of editing. 

He's helping us clarify the Konsey health book before we publish again. 

We exchange copies so I can work on making the changes on the computer while he continues to identify problem words and areas.

 After a slow start we passed the 1/2 way point this week.

Cory's guys continue to work on the yard, fixing weak areas in the fence and yesterday potting up lots of breadfruit cuttings.

Rooted ones on right, new on left.
A bucket of cuttings waited overnight for them to prepare additional pots. 

While not dry yet a light rain would be nice for  newly transplanted trees and plants. 

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