Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anna's 12 Celebration!!!!!

12 years ago right now less than 3 hours remained before Anna made her entrance into the world!

Most of today looks like a normal day. She enjoyed hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls for breakfast but then most of the morning we worked at school. Yesterday she completed some of today's subjects so today could be a bit slower and freer.

Lunch consisted of white rice with red sauce and then after a bit more school she headed out to play with friends.

A short break in that when she ran up looking for a safe tool to help remove a small snake from one of the classrooms. The tool she returned with .....Dad's hands. 

 Cory then took the opportunity to educate some of the local children about the helpful aspects of snakes and allowed anyone who wanted to to gently touch it. Afterward he found a kid / cat free location to release the snake. [pictures later]

Supper by Anna's request. A small lasagna, corn, and brownies on the special red plate!

Colored Christmas lights on the table. Music. Gifts. Short personal messages from each of us. A movie with popcorn.

Cannot picture our lives without our high energy, sparkly, singing, laugh generating, idea prone, smart, beautiful girl!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

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Steve Rosendall said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Are you still playing volleyball in the afternoon? Hope you had a special day.