Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 May Anniversary and Christmas Shopping.

Today was our 14th Anniversary. We have had a good 14 years. We celebrated by going out to eat and shopping.

As we're not present for most of our niece's and nephew's birthdays or Christmas we feel it is important to try to get individual gifts for their personal tastes. We also try to do this in a day. Sometimes we bring our children but not always. Today we left them with the folks.

We were able to get some really neat gifts. We remembered to get gift paper so will have to have a gift wrapping day soon. The gifts then go to to our Mom's who give them out at the right times. We also were able to get a few things for our kids-so will need to pack those to return home.

We are thankful to hear that our new niece and nephew have visas to come to the USA.  Plan on meeting them next week-for the first time we will be the ones waiting at the airport. What fun-we're always the ones going so this will be a treat.

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