Monday, April 27, 2009

27 April 09 Passport Renewal.

Passport renewals. Well the other day we went to one store and the sign read-back in 20 minutes. So we waited and when I returned I was told that the passport camera was not working. 

So we went to the store across the road and had the pictures taken. The lady wasn't sure that my glasses were light enough [they darken in the sun] so took two sets-one with and one without. We were busy and I forgot to show Cory. Well when we had them home Cory thought that both sets were to dark.

We also discovered that if we stay with Plan A which is to remain in Haiti until Nov. 2010 that Anna's passport would be expired. So the easiest plan is to renew hers now while we are in the States.

We returned to the Store that took my first photo's and they said they would redo them and they also took Anna's. Wait...wait. Anna's are a bit dark but we think they will work. This will be her 3rd passport-at age 8. [Kids can only have a passport for 5 years at a time]

Mine will not work as the flash glare on my glasses totally covers my eyes. So off to a third store-we drove 20 minutes to get to this town. Glad they had 3 locations for passport photos. This location is not only cheaper, faster but knows how to do a passport photo-even with glasses!

Back to our home town to the county courthouse to apply for Anna's passport renewal. This time we remembered a copy of her birth certificate, both our photo ID's, the checkbook and her pictures.  [We had a big problem with Eli's last renewal as we forgot, the clerk didn't ask and his passport was delayed. We received it just a couple hours before leaving for the airport to return to Haiti]. 

Cory mailed my application while the kids and I headed to the library. Then we all drove back home- to be met by my dad with the message that the county clerk hadn't had us SIGN Anna's application. SIGH..... Back in the car.. Back to the court house, through add our signatures.

The positive side to this story is that because we came back early we don't have to pay the extra money to have the passports processed fast!

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