Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4

This week we have had visitors every day! Monday and Tuesday Pastor Pudwell came out and drilled a new well and put in a submersible pump. Cory spent yesterday getting it wired to the big generator that runs the clinic laboratory equipment. The plan is that this pump will be filling the cistern when ever the generator is running.

The visitors yesterday were also Americans. A team from Compassion International stopped in for a visit. About 20 Americans joined with 10 Haitians or so were able to lunch in the House of Hope and visit a bit.

They were able to see the project here, walk down the road a bit in the rain to visit some homes of students and talk to the people. Child sponsorships in Haiti have a HUGE impact not only on that individual family but the community and country. Many of the leaders in our Churches and schools today were sponsored children.

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Tara B. said...

That is SO cool! I am glad you pointed this out to me. MAybe we will get to stop by when I come?

I finally have viewed ALL of the pictures, now I am going back through and reading from your first post to present. So I wouldn't have seen this one for a while if you hadn't pointed me here! Thanks!