Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb. 28th

Lots of flowers around the yard. The rose bush had 9 blossoms on it yesterday and the peace lilies have bloomed as well. This had been a house plant our first year here having been a housewarming gift. Now we have half of it in a larger pot and half in the ground. Ironic that the two couples who gave us the gift have also parted ways.

We had almost 5 inches of rain last night. Cory has spent part of this week working on the fence row-repairing it to keep out the goats. The next project is to dig some channels for better drainage on the compound.

Kids and I continue to work though the school year. We have 41 lessons to go and 45 week days left before our USA trip. Cory placed our order for the next set of school books yesterday. This should give me some time before our trip to set up school for a July start on our return to Haiti.

Happy Birthday to nephews John today and Cole tomorrow. We also received news that we should be able to welcome our new nephew and niece arriving from Africa when we are in Michigan in May. Have a great weekend.

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Lori said...

Thank you for Cole's birthday wishes! Maybe we'll all get back to MI around the same time in May?!