Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb. 25

Well the folks made it home last night. We had over 5 inches of rain last night but today turned out nice.

We are adjusting back to life without visitors: getting the laundry done and their stuff put away. [As the folks, Gene and Gerda come every year they each have a box of clothes that stays here] We are catching up with some school as well.

Cory just brought in some fresh broccoli and I don't feel the least bit bad that it waited until the team had left. OK just a twinge- I would of shared.. I think.

We have been listening to a large group of children from a Baptist church sing early in the mornings and at night this week as they have camp during Carnival time. The rest of the time the campus has been ringing with their laughter, chatter and noise from the play ground down at the school. Last night the rain cut them short as well as the Carnival or rara band. Sometimes I enjoy the sound of rain on the roof.

Cory has been having fun ordering some bamboo seeds. The way that I understand it-the bamboo grow for a number of years-then that type worldwide will bloom, make seeds and die. So he is trying to get some new types of seeds ordered, delivered and then planted. Time will tell how well this works.

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