Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feb. 1st

Rain and more rain.

Temperatures hovered around 70 all day.

First day in the Caribbean that Gene didn't see the sun once.

Very few in church but still a good service-walk with the Lord faithfully, waiting for Him to complete His promises to us.

Reading, worship, fellowship-not a bad way to spend the day.
Guys sacrificing yet another year without the Superbowl. Glad they think visiting us is worth it.


Marc said...

A great super bowl game. Not quite as awesome as last year - but right up there.

Hope all is going well. Gene, are you still all geeked up about the Citadelle? I'll give you $50 if you can get me a picture of Larry up there with you.

Cory & Kris Thede said...

Don't think will get them off the compound before it is time to return to the airport. $50 isn't enough to tempt them-and it would cost more than that to go.