Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 Feb. 09

The team has completed their first week here and all remain healthy, in good humor and are working hard.

Today the great food at lunch included chicken/rice casserole, tomatoes, fried onions with breadfruit, mangoes and cookies.

The ceiling tiles have a third coat of paint on them. We started to paint the trim of the House of Hope a cheery 'Happy' yellow but have to wait to paint above some of the windows as we need a ladder.

Dad and Gene are working on a cupboard for the "Kay Cheri" the Dearest House, formerly know as the little house. Ron continues to work on the wiring while the ladies are working on curtains.

The floor of the tool shed is being poured at this time but it looks like rain. Will see if they get it done.

Other chores done were laundry, dishes, filtering of drinking water, school, moving the bookcase, and taking care of the plants.

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