Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Team is here. 27 Jan.

After a long day we are back home.

We headed out for town about 9 and stopped at the: bank, hardware, plant nursery, government agricultural office, small grocery store, market, second grocery store, 'restaurant', [about 4 gas stations none selling gas] airport and then back to the hardware store with the guys and home.

Team is good and glad to be here. They think that the road has gotten longer since their last visit. Needless to say they are still not impressed. We were VERY excited to see power on the road toward home. Would be great timing as Ron the electrician is here for two weeks. Remember as well that we haven't had government power more than a few hours 2 days back in Sept. But the compound is still dark.

Name your favorite hardware store-now here is one of the bigger ones near Cap Haitian. Will need to place an order and then arrange for the items to be transported here by truck.

Thanks for the prayers.


Peter Olson said...

Cute picture of Anna with the hats on.
Praise God the team made it there safe and sound.
I'll be praying for you guys and the team also.
Peter J. Olson

Gerri Detweiler said...

Glad you made it in safely...and glad the hats made it as well!

Love, The Englunds

Marc said...

Awesome, any "adverse effects" on the plane? I didn't figure since you have a bunch of seasoned veterans.

Good to hear about the new power plant.

Work hard in the Lord!


Cory & Kris Thede said...

Heard the plane was hot, vibrated a lot, and limited leg room but that was all. PTL. It is nice having seasoned veterans-they can handle a lot but have said if they don't leave the compound until it is time to go that is OK by them. Something about our roads being a bit bumpy and the huge potholes.