Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan. 7

Been a busy few days. For the last three days we have listened to the voodoo drums of the 'festival of Kings'. Makes for a long night.

Yesterday Cory went to Cap Haitian for shopping, mail and cargo. The kids and I worked on school and then I had English class. I hadn't realized that Haitian schools don't open until next week. I asked last week if they started on Monday and was told yes but didn't clarify what Monday. We had a good class on American Thanksgiving. They are taught here that we celebrate the Pilgrims miraculously finding birds [turkeys?] to eat.

We all enjoyed a care package that had come on the plane. Jerky and chocolate-Yummy.

Our second day of school at the table outside. It is nice but some distractions. This morning suddenly a palm frond fell from the tree near the house. We were thankful it fell on the side without the barbwire arbor attached to it. Funny-Cory and I had just talked about out to get a frond out of that tree a couple days ago. Now there are two. At least Cory was able to cross off picking grapefruits off his to-do list as eight or so were knocked off the tree.

Today Cory has been frustrated working on the old plumbing to the guest/kids bathroom. He has worked and worked to remove the old pipe. He has also dug up parts of the yard to get more PVC for the project and is frustrated both with the zig-zag path and the change of pipe size.

While watering the Moringa trees Eli found this big frog. Wonder what Rose the kitten would of thought. Today was her first day outside without a leash but don't think she saw the frog.

Tried several times to add photos to this but kept getting error. Sorry.


Peter Olson said...

Thank you for keeping us connected. Pictures are cool, but not required. :-)
Peter J. Olson

Cory & Kris Thede said...

I doubt that the grandparents would agree with you. Your picture with Kim on your blog was nice. Glad to see the smiles.