Friday, January 30, 2009

30 Jan.

John Pierre is out shopping for supplies. Dad and Gene made plans for a tool shed and set the lines for the foundation. It is to set beside the car port so when team have projects when it is raining they can just work under the carport.

Ron and his helpers are working on getting the small house wired for electricity and the House of Hope had power last night. Dad and Gene have worked on a bookcase, a microscope case, and made a wire screen top to protect the Guinea Pigs from the cat. Nice having Grandpas [as well as grandmas] around.

The guys helped us hang posters in the House of Hope yesterday-with one to go. This brightened up the white walls nicely. Three of the posters are in French and two of those also have Haitian Creole.

We are enjoying good meals with Gerda helping our Haitian cooks. Eli helped kneed bread yesterday-it was very good. Sadie sorted and marked linens and put tracts into baby packets.

I'm enjoying help with school and was able to finish printing out short information sheets about the various trees and plants that Cory has around the compound. Many of the trees people have never heard of so I looked on line, cut and pasted general information about trees like Jabuticaba, Acerola, Jujube, Noni, Salak, and Sapote.

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