Thursday, January 29, 2009

29 th January.

Every one has been busy so far. Yesterday the team unpacked, organized tools and did small jobs. The big job was done by a young man who trimmed an old, large Mango tree that was damaging the roof of a small house on the compound by dropping mangos on it.

We hope to replace the roof of this small home next week, have its electricity checked, then add a hard board ceiling, paint, put in a sink and get it ready to be lived in hopefully later this year by a young couple preparing to come for 6 months.

Gene worked on getting the House of Hope screens caulked-limiting the bugs that can enter. Dad put magnetic pulls on the lower cupboards to keep Rose the cat from entering. Ron hug towel bars and worked on the electric.

Mme. John Pierre brought Mark Jelly up for a visit and some of the other kids stopped in as well.

The night was Christmas! My Dad has always been 'Santa' to his grand kids.

The big prayer request we have is that the supplies needed for the projects can be found, bought, and transported to the compound. Yesterday the drivers into Cap Haitian blockaded the road [Route National One] into Cap Haiti protesting the bad road conditions. Those wanting to enter into Cap Haitian were forced to get off the bus, walk a ways and then catch another bus past the blockade. We are very thankful that this didn't happen on Tuesday as we travel this road to the airport.
There is another back way but with all the rain it would of been very muddy and rougher.

The hardware store in Tuesday's blog is on our side of the blockage so we should be able to get the supplies.

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Penny said...

I feel a bit jealous of all the green in your pictures. It's so gray and snowy and cold here...I'm ready for spring.