Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Back at Delice, Checking the Gardens

Granny Smith apples from November bloom, 3rd bloom for 2020 

 We are thankful the travel back to Delice was uneventful and no significant damage to anything in the luggage. Thank you to those who prayed. 

Coffee - looking stressed. The environment is probably
much different than when the plantation was running
in the late 1700's

The workers are well but our cat stopped coming for food a week or so before our return. 

Rains totaled close to 5" in December so the gardens and trees aren't suffering from drought yet although. 

Some trees turned yellow from low soil fertility or "winter" weather but overall doing well.

We will find out soon if micronutrients help.

Praying as we hear of possible anti-government protests on Friday. 

Peach Palm growing well in the shade of tall bushes.
Others without shade are yellow like the coffee above


Dragon fruit growing fairly well

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is in the morning glory
family and some varieties give a bonus of
 ornamental blooms

Fritz helped rescue a bird from the irrigation pond. It flew away
 when its feathers dried and we added a float to the pond.


Lorinda said...

Glad y'all made it safely. Gorgeous blackberries! And I love the pretty blooms on the sweet potatoes. 😍 Hope your kitty is okay.

Unknown said...

Hello friends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. So very happy you are all safe and all the positive things that are happening in Haiti. My prayers are with you daily, I will pray for the school, the medical needs, upgrades for garage, the fencing and all the seeds that you need will all be provided. Beautiful pictures of your fruits plants and blackberries ❣️👍Thanks for the update, may many blessings abound🙏Rachel Jones, Living Hope- Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Do said...

Great news!

Cheryl said...

I'm very intrigued by your coffee plants. :) Will you harvest the fruit, dry it and roast the beans? I have been roasting beans here, so that caught my attention.

So thankful you had safe travel back home. And glad you had the time with your older two. We will be praying for your requests.

Cheryl Holmes