Tuesday, September 1, 2020

New Land

Not much rain in the last week so Cory is watering some of the plants and trees.

The guys continue to work on moving dirt and gravel from piles behind the house. 

The area by the kitchen now contains poinsettia, bouganvillia and lots of sweet potato plants.

As the gravel and dirt move, the path becomes smoother and more level. 
Additional trees will be planted by the path.

On Saturday a small group came up to discuss, walk/ measure boundaries and come to an agreement on a new land purchase.

We are pleasantly surprised by the size of the land available to the west of the house. 

Cory is dreaming of planting the less rocky, better wind protected acreage as soon as: the current owners harvest the corn crop; the paperwork is completed transferring ownership to the Wesleyan Church of Haiti; and we fence in the land. 

He continues to wait as well for the coffee beans growing in the village to mature so that we can start coffee trees. 

On Sunday we walked over to the Agape house for worship. 

We harvested our first rutabega this week, also more turnips, lots of tomatoes, and a pumpkin.

Fritz and I continue with 4th grade and Anna started her junior year at Calvin. 

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