Thursday, July 30, 2020

Beans and a new terrace

Threshing beans
We are thankful tropical storm Isaias is passing north of us and we had a mild, partly sunny day.

The strong winds are on the north side of the storm, which is moving at 20mph today. 40mph rotation  = 60mph sustained winds on north side and about 20mph on south side.

The bean harvest yielded 35 pounds, we planted 5 pounds.

Planting sweet potato
Cory and Fritz planted corn in the newest terrace by our solar panels yesterday and the workers planted sweet potato but Cory decided to wait until  after the storm to plant trees in case we get high winds with heavy rains.

So far we've only had clouds with a bit of sun and last night moderate winds.

This week Fritzlin and I complete our third month of 4th grade. 

Learning cooking skills takes up a bit more of his time and he's grateful to be able to not have to wash the meal dishes as much in exchange. 

Fresh, dry butter beans!

More weeding, more planting. 
We are very thankful that not only did Fritz's school books and Cory's ordered seeds cleared customs but Judain delivered them to Pastor Clotaire to bring to us Saturday. 

He had planned a trip up the mountain today but with the storm coming he delayed his trip.

Three sunflowers bloomed this week..last night's windy weather blew off a few petals.


Fritz's Monarch waiting for weather to clear

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