Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cory's Haiti trip: Part One

The flight to Chicago on the way to Haiti was cancelled but flights the next two days went well, I loaded up the truck and drove to Delice with Gener after one night at Fauche. 

Moringa leaf solar dryer
After one night at Delice I went to LaGonave for the WISH 50th anniversary celebration.

Organic moringa leaf powder from LaGonave
It was good to see the gardens that we started 20 years ago still producing moringa leaf powder and being expanded and improved.

We hope to bring this experience to many more areas of Haiti. 
The search has started for land to  develop a demonstration farm and moringa leaf powder production center near the coast below Delice.
Jeantiny and four of his children

We hope local farmers will at least grow leaves to sell for processing or even produce leaf powder themselves to sell in Haiti and eventually to the USA.

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