Friday, May 25, 2018

Thankful. Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Smile for the picture, NOT the weeding. 

After a delay of a day, Cory made it to Haiti on Wednesday and drove to Fauche.

Thursday he drove the loaded Land Cruiser up the mountain to Délice...I think along with at least one of his workers from Fauche.

He stayed in the new house and reports that it is dry!
Family fun.

The puppy vaccines remained cold during travel and Kono received her first dose.

Today he headed back down the mountain and headed to LaGonave.
Anna's space...and school. 

He called this afternoon to let us know he was able to jump on the Breezy Sea to travel to LaGonave.

He was ready to head out for a garden tour with JeanTinny, who had worked for us when we lived on LaGonave.

For the next couple days Cory will participate in the celebration of 50 years of ministry on LaGonave with WISH, before he heads back up to Délice.

Anna and Fritzlin continue to work on school.

Organization and sorting of family belongings also took place this week.

Reading for fun.

Time with family.

Spring weeding and bike riding.

I've added a few visits to our calendar, thankful for our partners and the opportunity to thank people in person, share about our ministry, and answer questions in person.

Enjoying some spring garage sales.

Planning on a Memorial Day parade and more family time.

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Sarah said...

Love seeing the pictures of Frtiz enjoying Michigan! The Mokma’s