Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Busy, busy, busy

Teaching the patients waiting in line
We finished up last week with only a couple days between teams.

I continued to clean the rock walls...and finished Anna's room yesterday afternoon following clinic.

On Saturday, late afternoon the big medical team arrived.

The last three days we've seen over 800 people.

I start the day talking to those waiting in line about the various health topics that I always focus on with a waiting crowd.

Things like: cataract prevention, not putting small objects in ears, how to prevent and treat colds, vagainal dischage, high blood pressure, heart burn, breastfeeding, knowing your medication, skin care, massage, aloe plants....and a new one is anti-tabacco due to many smoking and sniffing tabacoo up here on this cold mountain (lows in the low 50's this week).

After I answer any questions folks may have I've been helping with pharmacy.

There are 3 practitioners seeing children, one seeing aduts and one seeing women.

Today we saw the woman who I delivered her second twin while my folks were here. Following the deaths of her children at day 5 and 10 after delivery, she became very sick.

She continues to do poorly and appears to have suffered from a mental issue. She received prayer and some IV fluids before being sent down the mountain for additional medical care.

Please continue to pray.

We will continue to have full clinics for the next two days and a 1/2 day on Friday before the team heads down the mountain.

On the house...they started putting the foam on the interior walls today.

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