Friday, October 20, 2017

Thursday, Day 3's work.

Yesterday, I focused on school and house work and did not get to the house site.

So this morning Cory and I headed over early, a cloudy, cool, windy morning, so I could see the progress and take some pictures.

Yesterday the men re-did the 'q-deck' over the water cistern so that it will be stronger.

They worked on putting up the supports for the floor that will be over the garage area.

They started preparing the re-bar to put in the floor.

They will continue with these prepareations today and start to tie the bars together.

Some of the work waitied yesterday for the delivery of some screws and 1/4" re-bar. The delivery man traveled up the mountain on Wednesday but due to the rain, only went as far as his house about 10 minutes away.

Instead of making the delivery first thing on Thursday as expected, the driver went back down the mountain to the city.

After some phone calls during the day, and finding he was still in the city at 3pm, Cory finally jumped in the truck and went to fetch the supplies.

The local guys shared with Cory that this driver in the past proved unreliable, so we do not plan to use his service again.

Cory marked one location on the q-deck that will need to be cut out for an access for entering the water cistern.

This will be covered in the kitchen area by a central island.

Once the q-deck is done on the other side, Cory will continue to mark locations where electric and pumbing needs to go through.

Planning for the additional steps continues as well.

Lists of supplies that will need to come up with the next trip to town or on the next dump-truck of supplies continue to grow.

The welder is working on tickets to come in early November.

Thank you to those of you [49 and counting!]  who let me know that you commited to praying for Cory for the next 50 days.

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