Saturday, October 7, 2017

Quick Trip North

After painting the water cistern last week we loaded up and drove north.

We experienced our first ever ice delay in Haiti.

An ice truck blew out a tire, tipped over, and mostly blocked the highway.

Not sure if they were selling the ice or just giving it away.

We enjoyed a few days of friends and family time and then headed to Fauche.

Sunday we worshiped with our Fauche church family and Cory visited Kid's Club in the afternoon.

We enjoyed connecting with our friends again; Anna enjoyed playing some volleyball!

Monday he, the guys, and Anna visited the gardens over the river and in the afternoon we went as a family to visit some folks in Ti Bouk.

We enjoyed some peach palms, breadnuts, peach palm heart, mango, dragon fruit, some enjoyed papaya....coconut candy, good Haitian bread.

Tuesday Cory checked out the gardens on campus while I packed and cleaned.

Cows damaged 8 or 9 peach palms in the rental garden but mostly the garden's look good.

2 bunches of fruit, at least 8 still on the tree (below, before harvest)
Most of the peach palms in the rental garden are too tall now for livestock to damage. They grow back but it wastes time and production.

We brough some of the peach palm fruit back to Délice to share with the people here.

Wednesday we headed back, about 9 hours with a few stops, back up the mountain to Délice.

Thursday we checked on the house site and driveway work.

Anna did a bit of school but picked up a cold on the trip so lots of resting as well.

Cory plans to head to Port-au-Prince on Monday for a major shopping day for building supplies and food.

We will try to get back into a school routine.

During the trip we stopped at the Ortlip Center for a break and saw Berman, who is promoting and selling our Konsey books.

He has sold over 600 and requested 5,000 of the Konsey II books when they arrive.

 He does radio talks with material from the books and visits many churches to share what he has learned.

We are very thankfull for his help and pray for some good promoters for the books that go to Port au Prince later this month.

Donations to cover the cost for Konsey books that are given to pastors, teachers, medical workers and families in churches.  Tap for link.

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