Friday, August 4, 2017

House Update: August 4

Cory's in Fauche packing up and checking out his gardens. The campus currently hold 150 youth for their week of conference. The new fence is helping with security.

Walked to the new house site yesterday. Work continuing on making the road more level now that vehicals will be driving on it.

During the walk saw several of the work crew carrying bags of cement to the site to continue the work on the walls of the water cistern.

The gravel crew contains one man digging, one throwing 5-gallon buckets up to the man who catches them and a fourth man dumps them out on the pile.

Makes me tired just thinking of it!

Cory plans to drive back down tomorrow morning early.

Thank you for the prayers.

No word on our adoption paperwork but we're told that the US Embassy vis counsel for the adoption unit mets with the children's services people on praying no one is on vacation and that our case can be talked about and progress made.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

The road looks so good! So cool to see the progress!