Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week back at Fauche!

Costa Rica peach palm from seed collected spring of '14

On June 2 we headed back home only to leave again on the 3rd to visit some friends and have family time. From the top of the mountain to the bottom...I shed 3 layers of long sleeve t-shirts/hoodie.

Fachue is hot and steamy! Summer weather is upon us as we pray for a calm hurricane season of June through November.

On the way back home on Sunday afternoon we picked up a friend of Anna's who's spending the week with us.  The girls shadowed Dr. Winik the dentist on Monday [Anna found out that she doesn't do well with teeth pulling] and a Haitian doctor on a few cases.

Cory has been busy with the yard, and getting ready to install a fence to protect the garden side of the mission campus. While we were gone the district made good progress on a security wall on the street side of campus.

More peach palm and other fruit trees
I've mostly worked on office and paperwork but did take some time to pull weeds in the nursery. Today I started working on physical therapy advice to translate into Creole and add to the Konsey book.

A wall or fence is needed to improve security enough so that night watchmen can be hired to help the clinic watchman.

Today Cory walked to the gardens beyond the river.

Peanut plants baking in the sun
Sadly the peanut crop in the sandy river bed is drying up (those that didn't get washed away earlier), and most of the area gardens are starting to suffer from a few weeks without rain after a very wet spring. July and August are usually the driest months here.

Peach palms are growing but turn yellow in the strong summer sun.  Those in partial shade from bigger trees are still green but even the ones in good, moist soil look yellow this time of year. Once they get big they turn dark green.

The Fauche mangos are between crops but we are enjoying velvet apples from a tree Cory planted. They aren't very sweet or flavorful but the tree is productive and the fruit is unique and plesant to eat. The texture seems somewhere between very ripe apple and baked potato.

Velvet apple
Tomorrow Cory needs to go to Limbe and will get more planting material for Delice.

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