Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Thank you for your patience while waiting for a new blog.

Last week Tuesday we traveled down to Ortlip. Plans to meet a pastor for some paperwork in St. Marc fell through and the folks at Ortlip were recovering from pink eye so we decided to try to go up to Délice early.

We contacted the TWC folks, made plans, and got back into the truck.

Fort and plantation ruins at top of mountain

Our trip to Ortlip took longer than normal due to rain and trying to protect all the trees and plants in the back of the truck.

So we arrived up at Délice just before supper.

We enjoyed getting to know the TWC folks better and slept soundly after all the hours of travel. Wednesday the three of us spent the morning hiking the Wesleyan land and doing some measurements.

Now we need to confirm if the location one cannot build is 200 meters from the fort or from the plantation ruins.

In the afternoon Cory and I walked around the TWC grounds learning what is already being done and talking about locations for trees and plants.

We also went over to the orphanage grounds to check out a 4 year old with a broken arm.

Thursday we headed down the mountain only to find our way blocked by a very large rock.

Thankfully the local road crew arrived shortly after we did and we spent a couple hours waiting for a few men to work with a sledge hammer to break off enough parts of the rock so that the crew's truck and our truck could slowly squeeze through.

Almost, but not quite enough space before the road crew
We headed up to the Baptist Haiti Mission where we enjoyed lunch and a bit of ice cream at the Mountain Maid before Cory connected with a couple of the gardeners.

Then for about 1.5 hours we walked around looking at plants and trees, many that Cory remembered from visits years ago.

Then we headed up to the location of our area retreat. Found our room. Talked. Ate supper and had a bit of worship time before bed.

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