Friday, March 10, 2017

Week review and transtion thoughts

Weekend travels make for a long week but a good week.

Coffee bean drying area of the plantation ruins
The week started with cold, wet weather keeping us all inside working on school, and office work.

By the middle of the week the sun dried campus out and Cory started to visit the gardens and Anna played volleyball in the afternoons.

I enjoyed my adult health class and some weeding. In additon to starting my continuing medical education hours for the year this week we purchased an app that allows me to try some ideas on what the new house could look like on the inside.

Anna and I after a few months of hit and miss days of school on top of having left the school computer at the Ortlip Center back in November sat down and reviewed where we are in all subjects and where we need to be to finish her school year in June.

A bit of the past, originally written in Feb. 2007, bold lettering is new. 

 “How long do you intend to stay in Haiti?” is a question we have heard often during our eight eighteen years in Haiti.  Our answer has always been “Until the Lord points us to a new location.” The Lord has opened up a new door for our family in Northern  Délice Haiti and we plan to move in August. 2017 

Permanent pond a few minute walk from the Wesleyan land. 
Parenting, agriculture and life all have seasons. The LaGonave  Northern season was a tremendous season of learning: tropical medicine and agriculture, Haitian Creole and culture, small children and homeschool. We have learned many valuable lessons and will leave part of our hearts here. The Northern  Délice season will find the great need for both agricultural work taking precedence over the  and medical work.  Learning of Creole, Haitian culture and leaning on the Lord will continue to be part of our lives. 
  We see this move as the Lord’s way of expanding the agricultural [and medical] education and  our impact on the Haitian people. Words are not adequate to express our gratitude for your support and partnership. We hope that you will continue to pray and support the work during this transition period. The Lord is at work in Haiti and you are an important part of the team.

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