Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Church Celebration

Over three inches of rain last night. While the rains have fallen most nights this week the days have been at least partly sunny. Typical 'winter' weather for us.

Sunday we enjoyed the Fauche church's 'Harvest Festival' celebration, with three singing groups and Pastor Dieuce's sermon on 'God is Calling You'.

We continue to wait for news about our adoption paperwork: that the judge received the medical reports; that the judgement is done; that the papers have been turned into the social service office.

Missionary women singing their offerings to the front. 
Anna is working on school this week, while Eli will spend his spring break visiting both sets of grandparents. Very thankful that Eli can spend time with our families and that they are close by.

Bit by bit we are going though our household items: sorting, packing, evaluating, prioritizing, giving some away....in preparation for our eventual move to the mountain.

With rainy days and soggy land it makes sense for us to take the time now, and feels like a small step in faith each time we pack a box for Délice. We actually have bare bookshelves! Which folks who know us recognize as being rare. We know that the Lord opened the doors for us to move and His plan will come together in His way and His timing so we will pray and prepare.

Yesterday we agreed to buy a Yamaha Grizzley 4x4 that a missionary family we know put up for sale. It should be a big help with construction and transport at the top of the mountain.

Yesterday a few folks dropped in to chat with Cory about trees and gardens. They work in Port Margot and several other locations in north Haiti doing school gardening projects and education. Cory shared chaya and edible hibiscus cuttings. They plan to return when they are ready to plant some fruit trees.

Each May 1st many schools and groups distribute trees to plant. We have an order for 320 chaya cuttings for Port Margot Wesleyan School. The leaves of this large bush or small tree when cooked are similar to collard greens and very high in nutrition. We eat them about once a week almost all year.

Every year I complete my required 'continuing medical education' requirements for my family pratice boards. I read a bunch of medical journals and do a short quiz as well as complete one on-line unit a year. Last week when I went to sign up for my unit study I found that they are now requiring a 'national provider number' which I don't have. Sent in an email to the help-desk but have not heard back. Please pray that we hear soon. Thank you.

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