Monday, November 14, 2016

Rains, cow, trip three..prayers.

Our area and the north continues to have rain on and off, every day for the last 9 days. Total at the mission for November is 33.5 inches, nearly half of it falling on Nov. 8. We have heard 22" for the Cap Haitian area.  Several of the Wesleyan churches in and around Cap Haitian have many members suffering from the flooding and mudslides.

As we suspected, the court day for F's family did not happen last Tuesday; we have not heard a new date. Praying for forward movement.

Cory had to deal with cow damage again this weekend. Being a repeat offender, the cow was turned over directly to the local livestock authority. At least the peach palm trees weren't killed and the two most damaged are probably only set back about a year. The cow "guardian" and then the cow owner came to discuss the payment of damages and negotiate the release of the cow.

 While important to impress on people respect of other's gardens, fences and property, one must also think of being neighborly, forgiving, and a good witness. It was good to have ripe peach palm fruit to share with the owner and authority. Fruits were passed around to friends for sampling and positive comments made. We have a good relationship with the owner and the fee was paid so things appear to be OK with them. We haven't seen the guardian since his first visit and hear he is upset.

Eli would appreciate prayers: Calculus test tomorrow morning at 8 am with final Monday night 6-9. Major research paper to work on along with lots of other-physics, computer science, engineering class and exercise. We and Eli thank you for your prayers

Travel: On Wednesday we plan to hit the road again with three major goals: 2 days of missionary team meetings on LaGonave; visit to national church land to advise about agricultural possibilities; and third visit to South Haiti to help pick a location for a base to continue to distribute hurricane Matthew assistance.

We will likely be gone a week for this trip. Sunday travel will be limited due to Presidential elections, the second attempt.

We sent out a short questionnaire to the pastors of churches affected by the flooding in the north. Once these return we will be able to better know how to help.

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