Friday, November 25, 2016

Délice (Day-Lease) trip pictures

More rain on Thanksgiving Day but thankfully none last night or this morning. Patches of blue sky between clouds but occasional rain.

 A bit of office work, a bit of school work, a bit of this and that...

Tomorrow we will travel to celebrate American thanksgiving with other missionaries and folks living in and around Cap Haitian.

Cory will be presenting a short devotional to the group after we enjoy some good food and fellowship.

Eli joined my folks for the holiday as Cory's folks traveled this year. He's working hard on a research paper and thankful to have already completed his calculus class.

Anna is looking forward to her third Thanksgiving meal tomorrow and hanging out with her friends.

Fort Drouet in the background

National church land for planting.

Sour orange tree on coffee planation ruins

LaGonave in the looks taller from here.

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