Saturday, October 15, 2016

Prayers for Survey Trip

Know that I will not think of everything but confident that the Lord will bring us and specific needs to mind when we need those prayers. But for those who like to pray specifically here's a bit of the plans [all subject to change!] and needs.

Sunday after church to install the new pastor at Fauche, we plan to head down to the Ortlip Center. Anna will be staying there with our teammates the Stephens.

Monday will continue on to Port-au-Prince to meet with Gilles [GP mission directors], Greg Edmonds [heading up H. Matthew relief], Dustin Stephen [Construction coordinator], P. Doucet [national superintended of Wesleyan Church of Haiti] and others...our roles being to direct the medical/health and agricultural relief efforts.

Tuesday we will head to Southern Haiti to visit and see as much as we can in three areas where the Weselyans have projects and gather information. What are the needs [immideate, mid and long term]? Who's already working in the areas? Where can we help without duplicating? Identify who we partner with and assist.

Not sure how long this all will take. Will be flexible. With the roads being worse than before, and it wasn't an easy trip then....we will do our best to stay in the area until we have the information we need. But if we need to we may return to closer to PAP for food, water, supplies and then head back.

Then will meet to share and plan how to best help.

  • For relief efforts to reach everyone in need, esp. the smaller remote villages in the mountains.
  • Travel-safety
    • Sunday to Ortlip. Monday to PAP. Tuesday to the South...for a few days.'
    • That the truck runs well.
    • No road blocks or long delays of any kind
  • Prioritizing and that we can get to where we need to go
  • For donated water filters, and tarps to arrive from the USA before our trip.
  • Good communications between us and the team.
  • That we pack and bring the supplies most needed.
    • Medical, chaya branches, breadfruit root starts, Konsey books, buckets for water filtration, moringa seeds....
  • That we can gather the needed information to best direct fund raising and relief.
    • Identify and connect with the leaders in the communities
    • Wisdom to prioritize the needs 
    • Connect with other organizations and work together
  • Health for us but more so for the people in the South under so much stress and lack of water and food. High risk for Cholera, other GI diseases and mosquito borne diseases
  • That we can be an encouragement and share the Lord's love.
  • That we see Jesus in everyone we see AND that they see Jesus in us. 

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