Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tree planting trip and garden update by Cory

peach palm by our house
Tuesday Cory and the guys went to plant about 40 trees on a 1.5 acre garden near the new industrial complex and banana plantation.

The garden is owned by a relative of a pastor and at least one mission employee.

We have had good rains and even Cap Haitian had rain the night before but the garden area is more arid and hadn't had a good rain for a week or more. 

The garden had sweet potato, pigeon pea, and bananas, along with wilted 6" tall corn and shorter beans.

The soil is deep and mango trees in the area are thriving.

We planted mangoes (Florida varieties and a Florida/Haitian mango seedling) egg fruit (canistel) jack fruit, starfruit, and a few of several other fruit species to see how well they grow in this area, and a couple bamboo and South American mahogany.

Wednesday we checked the 3 gardens across the river. All doing well and no more livestock damage although a calf had briefly been in the big garden earlier that morning or the night before.

We hear the calf owner has it back but we haven't heard if he paid the fine. They are out working during the day so it isn't easy to get news.

Mesquite trees next to the garden. Looks like LaGonave
Rice coming up in our big garden

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