Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Noise, bugs and dirt...

A good audience for clinic chat time on Monday morning had me looking forward to my afternoon class.
But walking down to the classroom I couldn't help but notice that the school's brass band and percussion group were practicing very loudly and close to the classroom used for my health talks.

Thankfully as I approached the class, one of the professors met me to note that because of the large number of adult literacy students they would like to move to the church, across campus.

Yes! That would be good, not only cooler and a larger area for the students, it moved us far enough away that the band practice no longer bothered us.

The hour passed quickly as I shared a bit about the immune system, how it defends the body and answered questions.

How does the body battle bugs, dirt and more...

Buildings also suffer from dirt and bugs!

Cory's guys spent the start of this week painting in the House of Hope guest house on campus. While we knew this should be done months ago we decided to wait until after the busy summer conference schedule.

Then one needs to find good paint to buy-not always easy.

Looking much nicer on the inside-which as most homeowners know leads to working on the now more dirty and dingy looking outside!

Termites have been feeding on some of the wooden furniture and trim of the house. We will be injecting boric acid solution where we can but it is only a partial cure. Always a battle with the bugs here.

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